Thursday, 21 February 2013

Occultation of Juptier Video

Last night I spent some time putting a little video together of my footage from the Occultation of Jupiter by The Moon. Earlier today I posted the video on Vimeo, Facebook and Ice In Space to rave reviews, so here it is on my blog. Enjoy!

The video is a combination of processed still images and raw video from the night of 18th February when The Moon occulted Jupiter. Make sure you have your sound turned on, as the music adds to the experience.

Jupiter and Moon Occultation 18th Feb 2013 from Roger Groom on Vimeo.


  1. Awesome Roger! These pics got us all very excited...
    Not sure if you remember us; a Manjimup family of 3 young boys (and mum) who came thru the observatory 2 months ago, with a bus load of seniors??
    Anyway, can you tell me what time of day it was when Jupiter disappeared behind the moon?
    I happen to be helping the kids observe distant land objects from our back verandah (around the 18th?) when I spotted an unusual object next to the moon. There were no other stars visible at the time, as the sky was still too light. We all took turns having a good look until it disappeared. With the naked eye it gave us the illusion of drifting into the shadow of the moon, as it appeared to be in front of where the edge of the moon should be. We joked that we might be about to witness a meteorite collusion with the moon, haha!
    In hindsight, and after checking out your info, Im fairly sure it must have been Jupiter!?
    PS. Love your website; gorgeous photography and lots of great info:)

    1. Hi Mel,

      Amazingly, I do remember you! (surprises me because I host 2-3 nights/month so that's 100-150 people!) It's great to hear from people who have enjoyed a night with us at the Perth Observatory. They're always such great fun :)

      The occultation of Jupiter was in the evening, I started photography at about 7pm and finished by 9pm. Jupiter went behind the moon at about 7:40pm. I think that timing fits well with your description so it is very likely what you observed.

      Asteroid/meteorite hitting the moon - now wouldn't that be something to see! Believe it or not, such an event has been photographed in recent year. Appeared as a small and very brief flash of light on the moon. :)

      Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoy my site :)