Monday, 18 February 2013

Moon and Jupiter Occultation - what an awesome view!

Wow, what a view! Seeing The Moon pass in front of Jupiter was just spectacular - I had forgotten how fun it is to watch, especially through the binoculars (which I have to admit was my wife's suggestion - I was busy staring at the computer screen recording photographs...).

Here's a photo just prior to the occultation, when The Moon was approaching Jupiter:
The Moon, Jupiter and Jupiter's Moons all just moments before The Moon passed in front of Jupiter. Click to zoom in and see the moons of Jupiter! [Edit: Updated 6:30am AWST with larger file]

The Moon then moved in front of Jupiter:
Jupiter being Occulted by the Moon. Click to see larger.

The Moon travelled past Jupiter for about an hour before Jupiter re-appeared on the bright side of the moon:

Jupiter re-appearing on the bright side of the moon after being occulted on 18th February 2013. Click to see larger.
Also see a video of The Moon and Jupiter occultation at my next blog post.

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