Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Face-Off: The Moon and Jupiter

Here is a quick photograph from tonight. I call it "Face-Off".

The Moon and Jupiter.  I like this composition with the bright side of The Moon facing directly to the planet Jupiter in top left of frame.

Surprisingly even in this photograph taken at 100mm focal length (normal camera lens on a Canon 7D camera) when zoomed in to 100% a equatorial band is visible on Jupiter. This just goes to show that to do astronomy, to observe the planets, you don't need a telescope! Binoculars or even a camera zoom lens will show you great detail on Jupiter, Saturn and The Moon.

Face-Off: Jupiter and The Moon. Click to enlarge and see Jupiter.

And here is snap of the moon at 400mm (same camera lens zoomed in):
The Moon (22nd January 2013)
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