Saturday, 14 July 2012

Early Morning Sky with Fog

I have been wanting to take this shot for a little while, but it's tricky to find the right day in among work, weather conditions and other things which get in the way. Now that I have it I really like the result, love the range of colours and surreal feel.

Early morning fog with planets and stars
In the above photograph you can see (left to right) the following:
  • Pleiades (star cluster)
  • Jupiter (planet)
  • Venus (planet)
  • Constellation of Taurus (Venus is in among this)
  • Constellation of Orion (also called the Saucepan down here in the southern hemisphere)
  • Rigel (bright star part of Orion, above the saucepan)
  • Sirius (also known as the Dog Star as it sits within the Canis Major constellation)
  • Canopus (bright star on the far top right)
The photograph is taken looking over a valley in the Darling Range (hills east of Perth, Western Australia) at about an hour before sunrise. In the valley beneath is Mundaring Weir and the glow of light coming through the fog from early morning construction workers building a new water treatment plant and associated equipment at the base of the weir. The light visible is a street light near a road running through the valley. The sun is just starting to rise, as seen by the subtle glow on the horizon.

I particularly like the combination of sky colours (blue to red) and the sharp silhouettes of this photograph.

The photograph is available for purchase upon request, as rolled print, canvas or aluminium mounted print (high quality, individually signed) in sizes:
  • 100cm x 28cm
    • Rolled Print: $89
    • Stretched Canvas: $299
    • Aluminium: $349
  • 150cm x 42cm
    • Rolled Print: $119
    • Stretched Canvas: $429
    • Aluminium: $649
All prints individually signed and high quality professionally printed photographs. Prices are in Australian Dollars. Shipping/postage is additional and quoted individually.

[Edit: I have edited the original photo to remove a distracting streetlight and panoramic stitch artefact]

Here is a second photograph from the same morning, a little bit later. The fog has changed position, starting to rise.
Pleiades, Jupiter and Venus over early morning fog

This second photograph doesn't include Orion and other aspects of the first but gives you a closer up view of the Pleiades, Jupiter and Venus.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Early morning Jupiter, Venus and Pleiades with Aldebaran and other stars of Taurus

Yesterday I was alerted to an early morning alignment of planets and stars by Greg Lowe at the Perth Observatory. I took a quick look at the star chart software last night and thought "not bad!".

So, this morning I set the alarm 10 minutes earlier and popped outside in one degree temperatures to grab some snaps from my driveway. This is one:

Jupiter and Venus with Pleiades, Aldebaran and other stars of Taurus

Quite a nice arrangement!

If you have the opportunity to rise before sunrise take a look East where you will see this arrangement. Venus is the brightest point of light visible, Jupiter second (left of Venus) and Aldebaran is to the right of Venus. Aldebaran is a bright star in the constellation of Taurus. You can see in the above photograph a nice collection of stars around Aldebaran also belonging to Taurus. The cluster of stars to the left of Jupiter is Pleaides, also known as The Seven Sisters among other names.

Also, not in the above photograph but Orion is nicely visible to the right of these - outside the frame of this photograph but I have it in others. In the southern hemisphere we often call Orion the "saucepan" because of it's appearance upside down, and low on the horizon like it is at the moment that's certainly what it looks like to me. I'll aim to get a pic up in the next few days of that.

Perhaps tomorrow morning, weather permitting, I will have an opportunity to photograph them from a more scenic location, let's wait and see...