Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Spectacular Transit of Venus!

Well, if that wasn't a Transit of Venus then I don't know what is!

In true astronomical fashion the weather tried very hard to thwart attempts of many people to photograph the Transit, as time drew on many tales of disaster and success have arisen from the ashes.

I am VERY happy to say that after much planning and deliberating I photographed what was an almost perfect event. While partly cloudy, which meant some troubles especially towards the end, the clouds made for a spectacular sunrise and beautiful silhouettes mixed with the sun at various times. Now that's what I call art, not just a transit.

I have over 1500 and 50 gigabytes of photographs from the day to work through, my old laptop is crumbling under the weight. I will soon have finished photographs ready, and if you would like to purchase photographs of the Transit of Venus June 6th 2012, I will have high quality prints for sale individually and as sets which give a complete picture of the historic event. Contact me at Astro Photography Australia to be notified of availability.

More important than the selling of photographs of the transit, I feel special to have been a part of history to record this rare event and be able to share it with others now and for the next 105 years until the next similar event. I would love to hear what the people in 105 years say about what we did in 2012.

To those who stopped by for a chat with me at Lucky Bay, east of Esperance (Western Australia) in the Cape Le Grand National Park, Hi! and thank you for stopping by for a chat. It was great to share the event and have some company to pass the time (whent not frantically adjusting exposures to dodge clouds!).

Lucky Bay is a spectacular location and that certainly helped the mood of the day, as well as making for some wonderful photographs. Sitting back with the sun glistening across the bay, light cloud passing overhead and a medium breeze, it was hard to not enjoy.

Some pictures:

Dawn on the Transit of Venus 6th June 2012 - Sunrise colours across Lucky Bay minutes before sunrise.

Transit Sunrise - The Sun rises from behind distant hills quickly rising behind thin layers of cloud, with Venus shown.

Transit of Venus with sunspots, approximately mid-transit, 6th June 2012

The End - Egress, as Venus leaves the disk of the sun and cloud cover thickens.

Update 20th June: You can buy prints of the Transit of Venus here


  1. This is awesome Roger! Well worth your journey I'd say. We didn't even catch a glimpse here today!

  2. Thanks! It is always hard to know how worthwhile a photography or astronomy trip like this will be, but this Venus trip definitely was worth the distance.

  3. Roger,

    Great shots & up to your usual standard.
    We especially like the 'Transit Sunrise'

  4. Thanks Arthur, it's great to receive some feedback on which shots people particularly like.