Saturday, 2 June 2012

Photographing the Sun - Preparations for the Transit of Venus

In preparation for photographing the Transit of Venus on the 6th June this coming Wednesday, today I dusted off my portable refractor telescope, portable mount, and solar filter.

Conditions here today were partly cloudy, and unfortunately it is predicted the actual event on Wednesday will be cloudy too. I will be doing my best to dodge the clouds, travelling the countryside with tent and telescope but I am not holding my breath for good results! Wait and see.

Even with clouds, I was surprised what detail some test photographs of the sun returned today. There are many sunspots visible, as well as a lot of nice mottled texture across the surface of the sun. This photograph is a single exposure through a safe solar filter.

A photograph of the full disk of the sun

A cropped close-up of the whole photograph above
Never look at or photograph the Sun in any way without a proper solar filter!

To find out exactly when to look at the Transit of Venus I recommend:

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