Sunday, 27 May 2012

Perth Observatory Star Trails

Last night I was at the Perth Observatory where I help with volunteer work by hosting public viewing session and operating telescopes for the public. While there for the evening I decided to test out my new lens on some simple star trails ....

Star Trails over the Perth Observatory
Star Trails over the Perth Observatory

I like the result! It shows good potential.

I do find it quite funny that it looks like the person who walked to the closest observatory's door looks like nothing more than a floating spirit which impacted the door! ... consequences of wearing a head torch. :)

PS. If you live in Perth and haven't been to the Perth Observatory for a viewing session yet - book yourself in to next season (we have a break over winter). It's great fun and we aren't too scary, promise no mysteriously floating head torches!


  1. Not sure if you know already, but this photo has made it onto Starts With A Bang:

    1. I didn't know, thanks for posting the link! There sure are some spectacular and interesting star trail photographs at that blog entry.