Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Emu and Milky Way framed by Silhouettes

Here is a new version of the first astrophoto from my weekend away. I've been trying to bring out the Milky Way stronger yet retain the realistic sky colour, as the first version didn't give it the impact it deserved.

If you are wondering where the emu is - it's a "constellation" referred to by the Aboriginal people of Australia. The shape of an emu is formed by following the dark patches in the Milky Way, starting at the Coal Sack (near the Southern Cross) which is the head of the emu. At the right time of the year the emu is standing on the ground, here it is almost horizontal across the field of view.

The blur in the silhouetted trees is largely from the stiff breeze that was blowing on the night - 9 degrees C was not too bad in its self, but with a windchill that felt significantly colder! I was glad to have a well protected sleeping bag to crawl in to at the end of that night (1:30am mind you..).

You will also notice the ground is just visible - the silhouettes are not 100% solid. This is real, and quite common in the Wheatbelt and country areas I capture astrophotography, that the light from the Milky Way and sky overhead are bright enough to illuminate the landscape.

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