Thursday, 12 April 2012

Southern Cross and Pointers Silhouettes

I have continued work on photographs acquired on the 23rd March and now have a new one to share with you.

While still attempting to be more unique and artistically appealing than a standard astrophotograph this is perhaps more "normal" to appeal to your tastes than the last paddock gate piece.

This photograph shows the Southern Cross and Pointers surrounded by silhouetted trees. The shapes of the silhouettes as well as the circular slight blur of the silhouettes (caused by long exposure photography) emphasises the rotational direction of the stars around the Southern Celestial Pole. The Southern Celestial Pole, the point at which the stars appear to rotate around (in the southern hemisphere) is out of frame to the right.

Southern Cross and Pointers with Silhouettes
My initial idea with this photograph was to completely surround the Southern Cross with silhouettes, all focusing on the Southern Cross. When the tall spindly trees on the right of frame presented themselves they instead lead to the use those to frame the Southern Cross and Pointers, and show the curve of the celestial sphere.

The photograph was taken at Dryandra, a nature reserve in the wheatbelt reagion of Western Australia, on the weekend of the twice-a-year ASWA Astro Camp.

This photograph will be available for purchase on the Astro Photography Australia website soon. It will be available as 12" x 8", 50cm x 33cm and 80cm x 50cm prints and canvas. Larger sizes will be printed upon special request only (1-2 week wait period). Contact me if you are interested in prices.


  1. I love the framing on this one Roger. Lovely work. :)

    1. Thanks jjj :)

      Framing was quite tricky, moving the tripod and camera around the plants/understory in the area, and breaking my neck to look through the camera lots ... and then you think you have it right, but time has moved on so stars have changed their position a bit and need to re-frame :)