Saturday, 7 April 2012

Paddock Gate with Jupiter & Venus

I am enjoying the challenge of creating art rather than straight forward photographs from astrophotography. This appeal possibly stems from my university days when I enjoyed creating very abstract CGI (Computer Generated Images) which incorporated my early astrophotography.

Over the last 12 months I have been developing my astrophotography further as an art form. Images such as Country Road with Milky Way, Comet Lovejoy and silhouetted landscapes (more) are evidence of this shift. I still strive for new ways to evolve astrophotography in to a more generally appealing art form.

On the weekend of the 23rd March I spent Friday night exploring new possibilities in a country location known as Dryandra. I have been working on the images acquired that night and now have some coming to fruition. I think what will be most interesting is looking back on these in 2 years time and seeing where these early steps have taken me.

This is my first, it shows Jupiter (left), Venus (right - and brighter), with an old paddock gate in the foreground.

The photograph was taken during twilight, about 45 minutes after sunset when the western horizon was still quite bright but below the horizon you would only see the dark silhouettes. The paddock and surrounding area was very dry from the long summer with no grass to speak of. The environment is that of old timber cutter cottages, mature Settler Pine trees and native Australian bush. The gate opens on to a large open paddock. I have tried to represent the feel of the area in the way I have processed the image to provide a more interesting piece.

I can imagine this looking good as a canvas print 60cm x 60cm. $199.

I'd love to hear feedback on this and upcoming artistic representations of the night sky.

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