Thursday, 26 April 2012

Digging for Astro Photography Gold

Here is the first astronomy photograph from a wonderful 4 day drive to the Wheatbelt and Goldfields regions of Western Australia (travelling through Quairading, Southern Cross, Kalgoorlie and Menzies) over the last weekend:

Orion setting in the Goldfields of Western Australia
Orion setting in the Goldfields of Western Australia (Digging for Astro Photography Gold)

About the Photo:

I have used carefully placed lights over many exposures, together with astrophotography exposures tracking the sky to paint a picture telling the story of how it felt being here at the time of the photograph. Old abandoned equipment such as this truck lie around the area. One has to wonder what tales they have to tell: What sights they have seen?  What harsh conditions they would have experienced? What people drove them and what are their stories? In the dark of night getting close to the truck, inside it to position the lights, it's easy to imagine the vehicle alive and working on the land.

You can see Orion just barely visible above the trees as it sets in the west. Other stars of the Milky Way fill the western horizon.

The title of the photograph comes from the fact the photograph was taken in in the Goldfields region on an old pastoral and mining lease, and I was on a 4 day 1800km trip to find new astrophotography locations (you could say fossicking for photography locations! ;) ).

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