Sunday, 4 March 2012

Planets at Sunset in March, keep your eyes peeled!

There's a lot to see at sunset during March and April, and also some photographic opportunities.

You might have been noticing some bright "stars" after sunset lately? Jupiter is low in the west at sunset now which makes for some good placements together with Venus. Every evening you can see these two shining very bright in the west at the moment.

As March continues The Pleiades is going to move closer and closer to Venus (as Venus its self moves north a little) and Jupiter will still be in the area. This will make for quite a nice grouping of objects shortly after sunset for about an hour each night.

On the 25th March the very new moon (will only be a slither of a crescent) will add to the combination, providing a great opportunity to photograph The Crescent Moon with Venus, Jupiter and The Pleiades! Should be quite a nice sight, although you will need a wide angle to photograph them all together.

If you like your star signs, it might also be worth noting that Taurus will be the constellation in this area at the time, and it's bright star Aldebaran will be clearly visible as well, higher up from the horizon.

The combination of The Moon, Venus and Jupiter will be very similar to the "Smiley Face Conjunction" in 2008, but forming a different shaped triangle.

See prediction image below.

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