Saturday, 17 March 2012

Perth AstroFest 2012 - not long to go now!

With only two weeks until AstroFest 2012 at Curtin University in Perth Western Australia it's time to make sure it's booked in your calendar.

AstroFest is very popular, usually attracting significant crowds of about 4000 young and old, astronomy and science interested people.

Personally after having been at the two previous AstroFest events I think there are four outstanding aspects to the day which make it a great opportunity not to be missed by families and those interested in astronomy and science:

  1. Scitech does a fantastic job of entertaining everyone. They run top notch professional interactive activities with kids and families which pull big crowds and justifiably so. What they do to get kids engaged is excellent.
  2. Telescope viewing. It is the middle of suburbia so the night sky might not be at its best, but for kids to have the opportunity to get excited about looking through a telescope, and the rest of us enjoy checking out the array of various astronomical equipment, it's great.
  3. Astro Photography Exhibition. John Goldsmith (supported by ICRAR, Lotteries West and other participating parties of AstroFest) organises the annual exhibition of astro photography. It's a great exhibition of astro photography from lots of like-minded amateur and professional photographers from Western Australia.
  4. Astro Photography Australia! Of course! I have a great time talking to people about my various astronomy products and prints, the photographs, the stories, the equipment, etc etc. It's great fun.

Come along to AstroFest 2012 ! - check out the how / why / what / when / where of AstroFest 2012 at the official page.

I hate photo's of me, but here's me at last year's AstroFest 2011:
Roger Groom of Astro Photography Australia chatting to people at AstroFest 2011

The Astro Photography Australia astronomy products

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