Saturday, 3 March 2012

Comet Lovejoy Prints

On Friday I brought home from the pro lab the first ever print of this Comet Lovejoy photo and I think it looks absolutely great! I had no idea it would come up so well on paper, it really looks great in person. I can't wait to try a 80cm print of it. Below is a quick snap of first print I have prepared.. it's a 12" x 8" print:

Comet Lovejoy fine art photographic signed print

I am matting the prints now in readiness for AstroFest 2012 on 31st March... More blogs to come as I continue preparations. I will have a small number of 12" x 8" and 5" x 7" prints of this Comet Lovejoy photo at AstroFest.

I really enjoyed taking this photo. My wife and I woke up at 2:30am to arrivate at the lake at 3am, took photo's until 5am and then headed back home to get some more sleep, a very early morning! It's wonderful being out at that time - so quiet with so few other people about. I wish I could get up early like this more often to achieve some great shots I have ideas for, but it is hard with work (my "real job") and other commitments in life which tend to get in the way more often than not.

Did you get to see Comet Lovejoy for yourself? Post a comment or come say hi at AstroFest and tell me about it if you did, I'd love to hear your stories.


  1. Looks great, but what I'm more amazed by is the fact that your wife gets up in the middle of the night with you! Is she a photographer too? Or just a really, really dedicated wife?!

    1. Haha ... She's not always so dedicated as to be out there at 2am, but is always very supportive and helpful! She is interested in photography too, so that helps, but she's not interested in the cold and being up all night :)

      When an opportunity such as a great comet like Comet Lovejoy or Comet McNaught, or Aurora Australis present themselves, she's keen to get some photographs herself. I will never live down not waking her up the night I saw spectacular Aurora Australis over Perth.

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