Saturday, 31 March 2012

AstroFest 2012 - Great fun!

If you came along and are visiting my website for the first time, Welcome!

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Thank You

Well, thank you to everyone who came along to AstroFest 2012 yesterday at Curtain Stadium. It was a very successful event, with estimated 2500-3000 attendee's!

The clouds were a little problematic for viewing outside, but that didn't affect all the great activities inside - talks and interactive shows from Scitech and others, adult lego display, lots of individual stalls/stands, Scitech's two portable planetariums, etc.

Roger Groom talking to visitors at the Astro Photography Australia stand at Astrofest 2012

Astro Photography Australia lost in the crowds!

The Astro Photography Australia stand at Astrofest 2012 at Curtin Stadium, Perth.

I had a great evening talking to lots of people about my astrophotography and how they can get started with astrophotography. Lots of interesting questions and discussions.

Specials $$$

If you are looking for one of the specials, I am happy to still honor the great prices I had at the show, particularly the $99 framed prints (usually $149, and even that is a good price!). These are prints from an exhibition I held at the Gravity Discovery Centre, and I am keen to move the stock. They are worth a lot more than $99 but I just need to sell them. Each print is high quality archival, individually signed.

Colours shown above do not match actual prints - see web site gallery pages for better illustration of wonderful colour and detail in these photographs. L to R, Top to Bottom: Smiley Face Conjunction over Lake, Milky Way in Twilight, Southern Celestial Pole Star Trails, Eta Carina Nebula, Pleaides (Seven Sisters) star cluster, Constellation of Orion, Comet McNaught in Twilight over Perth, Moon and Venus with Wheatbelt Silhouettes.
The above prints were on special for $99. I am happy to deliver them personally within Perth Metro for $10. Email me.

I also had a great range of the new mugs for $20. I'm happy to post them to you for $30 to anywhere in Australia. See the full range of Astro Mugs

Thanks again for everyone who came, and I hope you all had a great time!

Astro Photography Australia almost lost in the crowds, again!

Roger Groom of Astro Photography Australia

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