Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A diamond in the sky with stars ...

What do you think of this new shot? It's a portrait of The Moon during the total lunar eclipse in December. I've been preparing the photograph for a client who is giving a print of it as an engagement gift to some friends:

for a better view...

What I like about it (unfortunately not showing too well in the little thumbnail above - see the larger image) is the glisten on the right of The Moon and all the stars behind The Moon.

Taken during totality, the exposure time was quite long for a photo of the Moon - 30 seconds. As The Moon becomes darker during totality the exposure times increase and so more stars become visible around The Moon. Ordinarily in a photograph of The Moon you would not see stars around it.

The bright glisten effect on the top right is because that is the part of The Moon least in shadow and so showing brightest. With a fairly moist atmosphere and some very thin cloud that night the bright glow from that side of the moon has shone a little, like looking at a bright light through a foggy windy.

I have nicknamed this "the diamond in the sky with stars" because of that glisten which the moon has and the stars around it.

Great idea for an engagement present I think!

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  1. That is definitely a cool engagement present! I'm impressed.