Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Preparations for AstroFest .. Astro Coffee Mugs

For the last couple of weeks I have been working hard preparing for 2012 AstroFest at Curtin University. I always hold a store there selling my various astrophotography products. It's a great opportunity for me to meet some of my customers, and best of all talk lots of astronomy and astrophotography with like-minded interested people! More about AstroFest in an upcoming blog.

My astro coffee mugs always go down well at the AstroFest so I've been working on a bunch of new designs. I think my favorite of the new ones is the Orion Nebula Coffee Mug (shown below), favorite for it's bold colourful nature.

Orion Nebula Astro Coffee Mug

It's also hard to beat this nice sequence from the total lunar eclipse (especially if you're from Perth!). I was really happy when I finished the Lunar Ecilpse sequence, it took a lot of photo's for not only the moon but the Perth City foreground that it was great to have the many hours of work pay off. It's when you need to sit with your gear in a public place like Kings Park photographing a lunar eclipse from start to end that you realise just how many long hours a lunar eclipse goes for!

Lunar Eclipse from Kings Park, Perth WA

Here's the other new mugs, I'd love to hear any feedback on them:

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